We are in Beta!
The Beta Phase

Now we get to the beta testing phase, which is the most prolific type of non-release software out there. You might be able to surmise by now that a product enters beta testing when all of the core functionality has been implemented and it passes alpha testing standards. Beta is the second letter of the Greek alphabet.

Fun fact: alpha beta is where we get the word alphabet!

The beta phase begins when a product propels from “functional but hideous” to “polished and ready to go.” Bugs are hunted down and fixed, features are improved or revamped for maximum usability, the interface and graphics receive an overhaul, and performance issues are optimized. Even though beta testing occurs as the third step in development, it can often be the longest phase because there are so many aspects to test.

The beta phase is typically initiated when a developer opens up a product to those who haven’t been involved in development. A closed beta is a limited release where only those who have been given access can test the software while an open beta or public beta is a free (as in liberty) release that allows anyone to download and try it out.

What to expect from beta software: You should expect a beta product to be “feature complete,” meaning that everything that’s intended to be in the final product has been implemented. You may experience major and minor bugs that break certain portions of the product, but rarely will you find critical bugs that require immediate attention. Beta software can go through a lot of changes, so expect frequent patches and updates.

During the BETA period, we keep the rights to revert any illegal trades, block users and make adjustments to make sure the exchange is running properly without noticing the end user that is affected.

During testing, if any problems are recorded use https://helpdesk.freiexchange.com

Withdraw of coins - All withdraws are processed manually during the beta period. It can take all from a few minutes and up to 24 hours.