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26/10-2017 | Adding Anoncoin

Anoncoin is added to the exchange. Welcome

18/9-2017 - 16.34 | Updates Trading Engine / Corrections in balances

Today we pushed a major patch of the site, theme change and alot of code corrections to improve stability and to continue operation as normal.

SDR/BTC has been enabled again.

Dividends for shareholders has been paid out. We are working on creating some graphs on the investment pages to get a better overview for the end user, but we need to collect abit more data.

Due to a minor error in trading engine that was discovered, some trades behaved incorrectly. Due to that, some of the affected users have been corrected in their balances as we have stated on the Beta Info page. (Beta Info)

6/9-2017 - 13.45 | Freicoin Article on Steemit

Skaro published a great article on Freicoin on Steemit

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